Confirmed speakers include:

Amnuay Oerareemitr


1991-2001:  Director at The Thai Fishmeal Producers Association
2001-2017:  Vice President at The Thai Fishmeal Producers Association
2017 – Present:  President at The Thai Fishmeal Producers Association                       
1992 – Present:  Managing Director at Fishmeal Marketing Development Co., Ltd.                 


2013–Present:  Best exporter Rewards 7 years in a row

Bent Ludvigsen

Bent Ludvigsen, a global process specialist in Alfa Laval, has +30 years of experience in working with most aspects of centrifuge-based food & feed processing, focusing on the important aspect – the required input material quality and the process steps to transform a raw material to a valuable end-product specification.

Bent has outside Alfa Laval experience from public Danish research institutions focusing on the waste water impact from pelagic fish processing. As process engineer in Alfa Laval he has extensive international experience in the field of start-ups, commissioning, and process technology development, resulting in solutions such as the ConKix fish meal concept and the Centriflow low fat fish meal production. He has for Alfa Laval worked as expatriate for several years in USA. In this capacity Bent has provides his expertise and consulting service to many well know large international clients in research assistance, process optimizing, product formulation, conceptual designs, quality assurance etc.

He has an extensive track record in the development and preparation of ingredients for convenience foods, nutraceuticals or API productions targeting the highest quality standards. Inventing solutions for the “Circular Economy” to process “Premium foods” makes his mouth water – the term waste and wastewater does not exist only cost limitations. 

He practices the art of recovering ingredients from by-products and has world class expertise in the extraction and purification of proteins and fats.

Francisco Aldon

Francisco has worked for IFFO The Marine Ingredients Organisation, holding positions as Head of Standards for the MarinTrust certification program (former IFFO RS), Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee for standards development and member of the Improver Programme Acceptance Committee, all relevant to the production of fishmeal and fish oil for the MarinTrust program based in London, United Kingdom. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in the food sector specifically in the production of marine ingredients such as fishmeal and fish oil. Graduated in Fisheries Engineering from UNALM with a Master of Science - Marine Ecology and Environmental Management from Queen Mary University of London. Frequent speaker at different international conferences on certification for responsible sourcing and production practices of marine ingredients as well as traceability in the aquaculture supply chain.

Janni Zhong

Janni Zhong has graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Commerce degree, specializing in International Business, Marketing and Management. In 2019, Janni Zhong has been appointed as the Director of Overseas Business Division of Fujian High Fortune Bio-Tech Corp., in charge of global sourcing, overseas market development, product planning and branding for both B2B and B2C sectors, handling overseas relations, balancing international & domestic market and assisting the company’s international qualification/certification approvals.

Jeff Yuan

Country Coordinator-China of GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance), 11 years of experience in seafood processing and aquaculture, 12 years’ experience of food safety management system audit. At present, mainly responsible for the technical support for GAA projects in China, as well as the research and development of standards, and commit to the sustainability of aquatic products, marine environmental protection and so on.

Libby Woodhatch

Libby Woodhatch has had a varied career in the seafood supply chain and standards development spanning over 20 years. Prior to taking on the role of Executive Chair of IFFO RS (now MarinTrust), she was Head of Advocacy at Seafish, where her remit included the development of the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) standard and Seafish’s wider programme in seafood ethics. Libby was CEO of the industry body Seafood Scotland for ten years, where she helped improve the value of return to the Scottish seafood industry. During this time she also sat on the MSC’s Stakeholder Council. Libby is also Vice Chair of the charity the Fishermen’s Mission, which provides welfare and support to fishermen and their families. Libby holds a BSc (Hons) in Fisheries Science from the University of Plymouth and an MSc in Fisheries Development & Planning from the University of Hull. 

Maggie Xu

Maggie Xu joined IFFO in October 2011 as the China Manager and was promoted in October 2013 to China Director. She was previously a Trade Commissioner responsible for fish, seafood, meat and processed food and beverage products at the Embassy of Canada to the P. R. China for ten years. Maggie has a B.A. degree in English language and completed a summer school jointly given by London School of Economics and Peking University on international finance.

Neil Auchterlonie

Dr Neil Auchterlonie was Technical Director with IFFO from November 2015 until May 2020.  Neil is a consultant with an aquaculture and fisheries background that includes roles right across industry, trade bodies, government and academia.  A specialist in applied science and regulation for the seafood sector, he has held representation on numerous scientific and technical committees.  Neil holds a BSc in Biology (Stirling University, UK), a MSc in Applied Fish Biology (University of Plymouth, UK), and a PhD in Aquaculture (Stirling University, UK).

Ye Yuantu

Yuantu Ye, male, born in Guang 'an, Sichuan province on February 26, 1964. Graduate degree. Professor at School of Basic Medicine and Biological Sciences, Suzhou university, Director of Institute of Fisheries, Suzhou university.