Members' Meeting 2020 - Miami, U.S.A.

Management Board:   27 April (Monday)
Members' Meeting:   28 - 29 April (Tuesday to Wednesday)





President's Invitation

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China appeared to be an obvious choice to host our annual conference: the country continues to transform the face of global seafood trade. There is a high demand for protein in China for feed both in aquaculture and among China’s agricultural sector (piglet farming). The volumes of production that are being quoted (both currently, and as targets for strategic development), are significant and highlight the continuing success for protein production through the 21st century.

This event will provide a unique opportunity to better understand the Chinese market as well as trends from all over the world and to conduct business opportunities through networking.

Our annual conference is also a key moment to deliver our message to journalists that the Marine Ingredients industry is a vital part of the global food production system, feeding a growing population with highly nutritious products through transparent supply chains. 54.5% of all marine ingredients are now IFFO RS certified. No other major natural feed ingredient can claim such a high level of certification! 

The programme will combine market and technical forums as well as long breaks to allow business meetings. 

Please check the website for the latest programme and list of speakers.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Eduardo Goycoolea