Who Attends IFFO Conferences

The IFFO annual conference is the only one of its kind and a 'must' for the world's producers of fishmeal and fish oil, their customers and industrial partners.   The IFFO audience consists of key decision makers from the following disciplines:

  • The world’s largest fishmeal and fish oil manufacturers
  • Traders and shippers
  • Agricultural and aquacultural feed producers
  • Fish oil refiners
  • Analytical laboratories and consultants
  • Nutritional supplement suppliers for farmed livestock
  • Banks and insurers
  • Human nutritional supplements manufacturers (omega-3s)

As well as having a top-level professional program, the conference is an ideal opportunity for business and for networking - if you are involved in the fishmeal, feed, or fish oil business, or in their associated supply chains, this is the event for you.