Members' Meeting 2019 - Madrid, Spain

Management Board:   2 May (Thursday)
Members' Meeting:   3 - 4 May (​Friday to Saturday)






Omega Protein belongs to IFFO because we respect its science-based approach to promoting responsible fishing around the world, and because we support its efforts to disseminate critical information regarding the biochemical benefits (to humans and animals) of fish consumption. Many of our opponents are well-intentioned but sadly misinformed regarding the facts and realities surrounding fisheries science; IFFO offers these and other user groups a credible, reliable source of information.

Joseph von Rosenberg III
President and CEO
Omega Protein Corporation, USA

IFFO has been very useful to DSM as through their web page and first class events they maintain and expand an excellent network in the community of fish oil producers allowing us to establish and improve our contacts with suppliers. Also the technical service offered by IFFO is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Sabrina Borghi
Global Market Development Manager
DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland

Through the excellent network and links established by IFFO among the fishmeal and fish oil related sectors, our understanding of the industry and its value chain has grown deeper and better, while working pleasantly with IFFO staff and members.  The useful and informative presentations help us see industry trends clearly.  We look forward to seeing IFFO futher promoting the industry and encouraging development in a healthy way.

Wong Chun
President and CEO
Coland Holdings Co., Ltd., China

We are proud of being a Premium Member of IFFO, which has given us the opportunity to engage our customers in a rich intellectual and social environment with a superb organization, whilst sharing first-hand the information that is critical to the market and to the essence of our own strategies.​

Carlos Velasco
Managing Director
Intertek West Coast South America

The Dupps Company has found it an extreme pleasure to work with all the IFFO staff and its members. The personal attention, communication and organization skills they have shown us is unparalleled and a true paragon for all industry associations to follow.

Frank Dupps, Jr.
Director of International Sales
Dupps Company, USA

IFFO is instrumental in our continued efforts of ensuring and improving standards for responsibly sourced marine raw materials.  It is very important that we have a supplier organisation which is able to represent this part of the value chain in such a credible and transparent way.

Torben Svejgaard
BioMar Group, Denmark

We are delighted to be connected with the IFFO organization in order to be able to deliver reliable fish processing solutions. Haarslev offers true business partnership. With our technologies, knowhow and industry expertise we help the industry find solutions that fit into every step of the process. Together, we master your process.

Tony Johnson
General Manager DK
Haarslev Industries A/S