Members' Meeting 2018 - Miami, U.S.A.

Mon 9 April - Management Board

Tue 10 to Wed 11 April - Members' Meeting




About IFFO

IFFO is the international ‘not for profit’ organisation that represents and promotes the fishmeal, fish oil and wider marine ingredients industry worldwide. We are globally respected and regularly represent the industry at international forums, as well as holding observer status at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the EU Commission and Parliament.

Acting on behalf of the fishmeal and fish oil producers and their trade associates, IFFO works to strengthen the global standing of the industry, while supporting responsible supply worldwide. With a network of members reaching across 60 countries, our members account for over 50% of world production and 75% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. While these products are the core of our industry, recent years have seen a widening to include marine algae cultivation and the production of meal and oil from krill. Our members include producers, traders, feed companies, edible oil refiners, retailers, financial institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Our mission is to be the global trade organisation supporting marine ingredients businesses, that:

  • adds value to its members activities; 
  • seeks to improve its offer to members;
  • is responsible and protects the reputation and long term success of the sector; 
  • is responsive, communicating clearly and effectively;
  • is respected by all its stakeholders; and 
  • contributes to direct and indirect human nutrition.

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